Hi, I'm Pete. This is my personal blog where I write about family and faith, and a few other things.

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  • The noble, royal family

    the family - a proclamation to the world

    A talk by Pete Codella for high council speaking Sunday in November 2016 (learn more here). I was born when my parents were just 22 years old. I’m the oldest of three siblings and have a sister three years younger than me and a brother six years younger. I enjoyed the typical American suburban upbringing, […]

  • The newest Codella: Jetson Quigley Black

    our new puppy

    Introducing the newest member of our family, a 9-week old Aussiedoodle we’ve named Jetson Quigley Black. Vickey found him on KSL.com a couple weeks ago and she and the kids have been counting down the days until we were able to pick him up. He came to us from a black Australian Shepherd mother and brown Toy […]

  • The amazing Latter-day Saint woman

    LDS woman gives Book of Mormon

    A talk by Pete Codella for high council speaking Sunday in September 2016 (learn more here). Most of this talk comes from the resources on lds.org noted below. Please note that some of these quotes weren’t read from the pulpit due to time constraints, but I felt it was important to include all the materials in […]