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  • My first post-surgery run

    Pete Codella - 8/6/16

    This morning, I completed a four mile run. It was my first run since my fifth hernia surgery a month ago. I’m starting to feel like my old self again, and that’s a good thing. Many of us academically know the principle of opposition in all things, that you have to experience sorrow to understand […]

  • My fifth hernia surgery

    arthroscopic hernia repair

    One trip to outpatient same day surgery and two trips to the emergency room in one week is never a very good plan. I’m now a statistical anomaly with five inguinal hernia surgeries under my belt. The arthroscopic procedure last week was supposed to fix a hernia recurrence, remove old mesh, scar tissue and swelling, […]

  • Yielding our hearts to God

    It Will All Work Out

    A talk by Pete Codella for high council speaking Sunday in April 2016 (learn more here). Much of this talk comes from the resources on lds.org noted below. There are many things the gospel asks of us, which boiled down are something like: have faith, repent when we fall short, make and keep sacred covenants and ordinances […]